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Wings Academy Taekwondo would like to extend a special thanks to Tia Brindel, Milwaukee based, fine art photographer. Who, along with her talented students, brings her own exceptional artistry to the Wings Academy Taekwondo community as she has and continues to capture the true essence of our students, their spirit, emotion, and excitement in a wide variety of settings.  


Tia, the remarkable artist behind, LITTLE GIANT PHOTOGRAPHY, has been with Wings Academy Taekwondo at belt testings, tournaments, public events, special student events, and so much more.  Thanks to her contributions of time and talent, as well as her dedication, understanding and investment in the students' martial arts journeys, we are able to bring you into the Wings Academy Taekwondo experience through the fantastic imagery that fills our website, social media and printed materials.

Wings Academy Taekwondo encourages you to visit LITTLE GIANT PHOTOGRAPHY ( and find out more about this incredible artist and member of the Wings Academy Taekwondo community.

"I believe in laughter, loud music, diversity, natural beauty, simplicity, singing out loud, honesty (always honesty), and real, true moments. I love all things pretty, flip flops, dark chocolate, chubby baby thighs, old fashioned candy, a big mug of hot coffee (filled only half way), and a nice, big beard.

I proudly reside in the heart of Milwaukee with my wonderful (and bearded) husband and our two children.

I love what I do, and I’d love to photograph you!"

-Tia Brindel [Little Giant Photography]

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